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I wasn’t sure about putting my name on the front of a bottle. It seemed a bit egocentric. But faced with the prospect of naming a wine after another tree, river, rock or mountain and then trying to define what made my wine unique, my name seemed a fair choice.

The production of this estate wine is the culmination of many years hard work and the realisation of a dream. I moved to New Zealand in 2002 and have since undertaken every task required to make wine. I developed a number of bareblocks into vineyards, bought a winery and built it up, created a number of successful wine brands and now with benefit of hard-earned experience, I can launch my signature wine "ant moore".

I have control over every aspect of the production, from managing my vines to harvesting the fruit to processing the wine. I'm not afraid to try new and different approaches and to push the boundaries. To me that's what making wine is all about... constantly learning and enjoying the creative expression that is making wine.

- Ant Moore, Winemaker

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Our vineyards are based around Marlborough in each of the sub-regions of the Awatere, Waihopai and Wairau Valleys.

Each of these regions have their own micro-climates and terroir that provide a unique personality to the vineyards and its grapes. Ant purchased the land he converted into vineyards and has made on of them his homeblock where he can keep an eye on the every-changing activity that happens in the vineyards.

There is a PDF download if you would like some further information and to feel the passion we do about our vineyards.

Our people are part of what make our wines special. From the guys on the ground pruning, bud rubbing, wire lifting and making sure the grapes are tendered to get the best out of them, to the team in the winery nurturing the fruit they’re received to get the best results in the bottle.

Growing grapes and making wine is not just a job for our team. You have to be committed, dedicated and have a love of the land and a passion for making wine. This is what makes the difference between a good wine and a great wine that leaves you wanting more.

Everyone plays a part in getting the wine in the bottle and although ants name is on the label, its the team behind him every day that also make it happen.

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In general I want a great deal of variation and variety in the parcels of fruit that come from the vineyard. To achieve this, I treat various sections of the vineyard differently; opening up the canopies and exposing some fruit to the sun, whilst leaving some shaded, cropping at different levels, and harvesting at varying times to get a range of ripeness and characters.

The underlying nature of the vineyard or terroir is still present, and we try to preserve this, I guess it’s our “house style”. It’s typified by lemon lime, stone fruits and citrus, with minerality and tightness on the palate. The wines tend to be structural and textured, though not as overt and intense as some, they age well, and really look their best 6 months after release (when a lot of Marlborough sauvignons are starting to tire).

I asked Craig Murphy to write a description of our process, he has been doing this with me for a number of years, and brings his own take as a winemaker on how Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is made, download it here.

Sauvignon Blanc After almost 10 years making high quality and high profile Sauvignon Blanc in Marlborough this is my first true estate wine. I planted these vines, tended them, and harvested the fruit to produce these hand crafted wines. With control over every step of the process, I have produced a wine that is elegant and powerful, intense and balanced.

After discovering a lovely low cropping vineyard in the Upper Moutere valley. Planted on shingle soils, I was presented with a full and ripe block that has produced a classic Riesling. This wine is fresh dry, floral and has lovely mineral notes. With its clean and dry finish makes this wine a great accompaniment with food.

Pinot Noir
This Central Otago Pinot Noir is robust and rich and brimming with classic Pinot fruits. This wine will improve with age and should be decanted allowing time to open up and reveal the layers within. This Classic Pinot will change dramatically over time and reward those with patience.

Pinot Gris
From my home vineyard, this pinot gris is a culmination of years of work. It is my first estate grown pinot gris and hopefully a sign of good things to follow.

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